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9:30 Registration for full day
10:00 Group lessons
    Beginners: Hi Fu Mi Cho
    Intermediate: Tamuke
    Advanced: Ryuhei
A series of honkyoku to be rehearsed as an ensemble with the objectives of
establishing a familiar core repertoire and developing ensemble playing
skills, i.e. playing in time and in tune with each other

12:00 Lunch, BYO or from the Wordsmiths Cafe
12:30 Registration for half day
13:00 Seminars

Dr Koji Matsunobu on the Jinashi tradition

Dr Riley Lee on "Hitori Mondo / Solo Dialogue on the Shakuhachi; musings
by Hisamatsu Fuyo (1853)", translated by Tom Hare and Riley Lee.
Hisamatsu (1790–1871) was a shakuhachi player from the late Edo period,
a student of Kurosawa Kinko III. His musings (this is one of several)
might be the only extant writings by a 'komuso' about the shakuhachi
and its relationship with Zen Buddhism.

15:00 Group & Individual Performances
Everyone is encouraged to take the opportunity to perform. Whether beginner
or advanced student, solo or group, whatever piece or even just a Fu (Ro),
there is no better way to focus the learning mind and boost playing
standards than to present to others.

16:00 Close